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Laser Diodes for Sensing, Metrology & Communications

Polycom Photonics Co., Ltd Founded in 2011, the company specializes in providing semiconductor laser chips, modules and modules for gas sensing, metering detection and optical fiber communications, and professional solutions for semiconductor laser products.

Established in 2001, Eblana Photonics is the technological inventor of semiconductor DM lasers and holds many patents for semiconductor laser inventions. Eblana Photonics technology comes from the Tindall National Institute Dublin 31 college. Eblana single-mode laser based on DM technology has obvious advantages over traditional DFB laser in spectral linewidth, wavelength linearity and anti-reflection.

Currently the world's leading supplier of gas detection lasers, for the European Union / European Space Agency / NASA and other institutions to develop a number of high-tech patented products, provide a full range of 650 nm-2350 nm full-wavelength semiconductor laser products: chips, TO, OSA, butterfly-shaped packaging lasers, drive modules, etc., to provide customized products.

Polycom Photonics Co., Ltd It is the general agent of Eblana Photonics in China. Eblana semiconductor lasers are widely used in gas sensing, measurement, medical and optical fiber communication. Tunable semiconductor laser wavelength and TDLAS typical applications set up based on commercialized laser manufacturing technology scalable affordable cost reduction, single-wavelength laser for a variety of large-scale market applications: oxygen, hydrogen fluoride, water molecules, ammonia, carbon monoxide, methane, acetone, propane, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen sulfide, dioxide Carbon and so on.

  • Delivering advanced lasers for communications, sensing & measurement
  • Enabling new volume markets through mass deployment of our disruptive technology
  • Utilising our technology's versatility to provide fast turnaround custom solutions
  • Investing in R&D for ongoing expansion of our leading edge product offerings
  • Leading industrial professionals in laser physics and high volume device manufacture
  • Best in class manufacturing partners from epi growth to device fabrication and packaging
  • Network of highly experienced sales partners in key global locations
Why Choose Eblana

    ● Delivering high performance lasers for over a decade.

    ● Single Mode Laser Diodes from 689 to 2350 nm.

    ● Discrete Mode (DM) technology enables new & exciting mass market applications.

    ● Expertise always on hand to assist in custom laser design.

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